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Lawn care maintenance is not an easy talk, you have to invest a significant amount of time and effort to make sure your lawn looks beautiful, with healthy flowers, plants, trees and grasses, and free from safety and health hazards. It is really frustrating maneuvering over bumps and lumps when it comes to lawn mowing. It is important to have a level lawn for a great looking lawn and easier maintenance, offering several advantages too. For water logging and drainage issues, grading and levelling your lawn encourages proper water to flow away from your property, so more water is absorbed into the soil for additional nutrients. There are several reasons why your lawn can become uneven, such as animals looking for food, children playing in the garden especially when the soil is soft, nightcrawlers like giant worms, waterlogging, and soil settlement


It is important to pre-water your lawn several days before levelling it, to ensure that the soil is not hard, powdery or dry when you make adjustments. Spring is the best time to level your lawn to allow grass seed enough time to grow so it will provide enough moisture for the soil to settle. The two types of leveling are the shallow low spots levelling and low spots deeper than two to three centimeters. You have to apply the top dressing mixture directly, for levelling shallow low spots (one to two centimeters), shaking out a thin layer over the area and spread using a garden rake until it's completely filled out and levelled. With the use of the flat size of the rake and your feet, tamp down and compact the soil, lightly watering the soil for proper compaction and leaving to settle. You can distribute the grass seed after allowing the soil to settle for few days. For the first forty-eight hours, the soil needs to be sprayed with water four times a day in order to assist grass seeds to germinate. For deeper low spots more than two centimeters, you'll need a squared-off shovel for slicing into the center and beyond the edges of the hollow or bump in a cross shape, keeping the cut even for easier lifting without breaking. When filling a hollow, use a garden fork to turn over the soil, for large stones removal and break down any large clumps. To reduce the chance of sinking over time, tread it down to compact the soil. 


Many overlook but having a lawn , a good landscape and garden with beautiful flowers, plants and green grass offers a lot of benefits such as cleaner air and air conditioning when you're outdoors, capturing dust and harmful particles, keeping you and your family healthy, as well as a source of relaxation, relieving you from stress. It is important to seek the services of a professional lawn car maintenance specialist especially for applying fertilizers and weedkillers, to ensure a safer, healthier, greener and more beautiful lawn.